Regression Analysis Tools
To assist in the process of developing and maintaining customers' application systems, BankNet has developed an array of Regression Analysis Tools which perform automated testing functions. These functions include:

  • Transaction Capture
  • Transaction Reply
  • Regression Analysis
Our goal is to release these tools as a software product suite. One of these components — Data Regression Analysis (DRA) — has now been packaged as a standalone product and is currently in use by select BankNet clients.

What is DRA?
DRA serves as a powerful S/390 quality assurance tool by performing an intelligent comparison between data from two instances of a set of DB2 tables. It is typically used to report discrepancies between the contents of DB2 tables updated by a production version of an application (the "base data") and the same tables updated by a modified version of the application. DRA's reports simplify the process of verifying that the modified application has produced only the expected (if any) changes to the data.

Business Objects
A unique feature of DRA is its ability to report data as "business objects" instead of as DB2 tables and columns. This eliminates the need for technical interpretation of the reports. A business object is user-defined as an amalgam of rows from multiple DB2 tables. This definition can also specify "friendly" business names for DB2 columns which are used in DRA's reports.

Browser Reports
In addition to producing traditional reports, DRA generates HTML output allowing the data to be viewed using an Internet Browser. HTML's rich formatting capabilities (colors, fonts, etc.) enhance readability and hyperlinks are used to help the user navigate through the report.