Software Products
At BankNet, development of software is our business. Our software products range from: reusable components which we leverage when building custom applications for our clients, to complete commercial software products which we market and license to a global customer base. Some examples are:

XTRACE: Testing and Debugging Tool
XTRACE™ is a testing and debugging tool for OS/390 (MVS) software and application programmers. XTRACE supports source-level, symbolic debugging of programs written in Assembler and COBOL.
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IMS PowerTools - DEDB Unload/Reload Extensions
The DEDB Unload/Reload Extensions are a set of utilities that complement IBM's DBT Unload/Reload Utility.
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Object Framework
Object Framework™ serves as a reuse broker on the Enterprise (S/390) platform and facilitates a component technology architecture using object oriented principles.
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DMF: Dialog Management Facility
DMF™—Dialog Management Facility serves as a presentation manager for PC workstation front-end components which interoperate with S/390 backend transaction processing applications.
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DRA: Data Regression Analysis
DRA is a quality assurance tool which identifies and reports discrepancies in DB2 data. One unique strength is its ability to report information using business language.
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