IMS PowerTools - DEDB Unload/Reload Extensions

What are the DEDB Unload/Reload Extensions?

These extensions are designed to work with IBM's DBT Unload/Reload utilities. Together they form a complete DEDB unload/reload solution. This allows clients to switch from another vendor's product to IBM's DBT utilities with a minimum of problems. The extensions being offered in the package are:

1.Create reload File for IBM® 's DBT FABCUR3
2.Read Unload File from IBM® 's DBT FABCUR1
3.Create reload File from HD Unload file
4.Load HD DB from DEDB Unload file
5.Randomizer Interface Module
6.Create/print Formatted DMB
These extensions have been well proven by their use at major banks, and are available at a very competitive price.

1.Create reload File for IBM® 's DBT FABCUR3

Create a DEDB reload file which can be used as input to the IBM DBT reload utility. A call level interface is provided enabling users, via an application program, to add, delete, or update segments of a DEDB. The users need only concern themselves with the application data portions of the DEDB segments - the IMS system related data is handled by the utility.

2. Read Unload File from IBM® 's DBT FABCUR1

Read a DBT DEDB unload file using the call level interface provided by this utility. Use the program functions to write an application program to create reports from your DEDB data or, perform database maintenance, in batch mode, by using this utility in conjunction with the Reload File Creation utility described above.

3. Create reload File from HD Unload file

Create a DEDB reload file from an HD format unload file (HDAM, HIDAM, or HISAM). The output reload file can be used to reload a DEDB using the DBT reload utility. This serves a batch conversion utility from IMS full-function HD databases to IMS Fast Path DEDB databases.

4.Load HD DB from DEDB Unload file

Insert new segments to an existing database (DEDB, HDAM, HIDAM, HISAM) using a DBT DEDB unload file as input. This is a batch utility - it can be used to facilitate the testing of a Fast Path application using full-function databases.

5.Randomizer Interface Module

The randomizer interface is a callable module which invokes an IMS DEDB randomizing routine to obtain the Area number and RAP RBA for a specified root segment key. This is very useful for high level languages such as COBOL.

6.Create/print Formatted DMB

This utility provides two functions for processing the DBT formatted DMB:

  • Create a formatted DMB from an ACBLIB member. This can be used to create a formatted DMB for the DBT reload utility when it cannot be created using conventional methods.
  • Print the contents of a formatted DMB using either an ACBLIB member or an existing DMB as input. This is useful during development.

Migration Scenarios

Clients will find BankNet's extensions very useful when migrating from competitive products to IBM® 's DBT. The best strategy to be used will depend upon the specific set of software products and release levels involved. This is an area in which BankNet's experience with other client's conversions can be invaluable.

If you would like to request more details of BankNet's DEDB Unload/Reload extensions click HERE